演 講 者:黃合淇 博士
聯發科技 通信系統設計事業部總經理

演講主題:5G NR and Wi-Fi 6: Opportunities, Challenges and Endgame?

演講時間:2020年1月15日 14:10~14:50(7F義大演講廳)

5G NR (new radio) and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) are the latest versions of the commonly used wireless communication standards to aim at the massive-scale commercialization in 2020. 5G NR is being designed to fulfil the needs of 3 major areas: eMBB (extended mobile broadband), URLLC (ultra reliable and low-latency communication) and mMTC (massive machine type communication). The vision of Wi-Fi 6 is to provide more robust co-existence of multiple devices in smart home, and enable the feasibility of managing Wi-Fi networks to have better user experiences in densely populated environments.

In this speech, their evolutionary paths will be introduced and the corresponding time line and key features will be highlighted. The comparison of these two communication standards will be illustrated from the aspects of technologies, and business opportunities and challenges. In the meanwhile, the present and future use scenarios will be examined to emulate the feasibility of adopting 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6 systems, respectively. The analysis indicates that either of 5G NR using licensed spectrum or Wi-Fi 6 operating on unlicensed spectrum performs its own functions to fulfill the corresponding applications well. Both 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6 are built from the similar foundation and will co-exist to support different use cases, like those past days.

Due to the rare licensed spectrum resource, 3GPP people have studied the possibility to explore the unlicensed spectrum. Wi-Fi technologies have utilized the ISM bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for years. Right now, the band at sub 7GHz, one candidate of the unlicensed spectrum, receives the attention from Wi-Fi 6 and 5G NR to explore the new business opportunities. 5G NR operating on unlicensed spectrum only intends to replace Wi-Fi technologies which have proved an ideal system for indoor wireless connectivity considering the reasonable cost to deploy, maintain and scale. Maybe someday once the equipment of 5G NR is not costly compared to Wi-Fi 6 solutions, 5G NR operating on the unlicensed spectrum might break the balance.

Ho-Chi Hwang received a Ph.D. degree in 1999 from Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan. From 1998 to 2000, he served as a researcher at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan. He joined Mediatek after leaving ITRI, and he is now the General Manager of Communication System Design.

He leads research teams in contributing to IEEE and 3GPP standardization and product teams to develop the physical layer works for the cellular 2/3/4/5G and connectivity Wi-Fi products in MediaTek from design scratch to implementation. His research area consists of digital baseband design for transmitter and receiver, like channel estimation and equalization, and DSP architecture and firmware optimization methodology. He is also interested in digital signal processing for handling RF impairments and antenna issues at the hand-held communication devices. 

演 講 者:Kuo-feng Lin (林國豐)
SEVP & CTO, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

演講主題:5G商用網路規劃的考量事項(The Considerations of Planning a Commercial 5G Network)

演講時間:2020年1月16日 14:10~14:35(7F義大演講廳)


Mr. Kuo-feng Lin currently serves as SEVP & CTO of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. since November 2016. He previously served as the President and Vice President of Mobile Business Group from 2009 to 2016, and as the President of Taichung Branch and Taipei Branch, Mobile Business Group from 2006 to 2009. Mr. Lin graduated from the Taipei Institute of Technology with a major in Electronic Engineering and currently directs the strategic planning and execution of Chunghwa Telecom’s network technology and business development. Chunghwa Telecom has always fulfilled the role of telecommunication innovation and market leadership in Taiwan, and with his extensive experience and strong execution, Chunghwa Telecom was the first operator to launch commercial LTE network in Taiwan on May 29, 2014, bringing Taiwan to a new generation of high speed mobile communications. In January, 2018, Chunghwa Telecom founded“CHT Pilot Team for the Taiwan 5G Alliance”, linking together more than 40 corporations and organizations from the government, academia, and research sectors to accelerate the development of the 5G industry in Taiwan and the deployment of Chunghwa Telecom’s 5G network.

演 講 者:汪以仁 協理

演講主題:Embrace 5G – Far EasTone’s Moves


Far EasTone’s 5G focus areas, ongoing trials, network evolution, and thoughts about private networks.

Luke Wang joined Far EasTone in November 2017 to head Enterprise IoT Products & Solutions. Currently he is at Transformation Office heading Enterprise Network Solutions Planning & Operations. Luke Wang has over 20 years of experience in multiple segments of mobile communications industry including network infrastructure supplier, service provider, system integrator, device manufacturer, and testing equipment supplier, with job roles in product and solution management, technical sales, network engineering, and software development. Before joining Far EasTone, Luke Wang worked at Ericsson and held various managerial positions across Taiwan and China including Head of Trial Management Northeast Asia, Head of Customer Solutions China Central, and Chief Technology Officer & Head of Customer Solutions Taiwan. Luke Wang holds Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.

演 講 者:馬進國 博士
資策會智慧系統研究所 副所長

演講主題:5G IoT Applications


With the 3GPP NR (new radio) standard R15 released recently, the era of mobile IoT (Internet of Things) is coming. In this talk, the technologies and the applications based on 5G NR will be briefed. The technologies will be based on the URLLC (ultra reliable low latency communication) and mMTC (massive machine type communication). The applications can have in the various fields such as the connected car (C-V2X),AR/VR and the industry automation. Specifically, we will talk about the 5G NR-IIoT (Industry IoT) in more details.

Chingwo Ma received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, in 1989. Since then, he worked in various semiconductor companies as a SoC chip designer for multimedia (audio and video) applications in the silicon valley, Santa Clara, California. He joined the Via Technology working on Bluetooth and 802.11 WiFi modem design in Fremont, California in 2001. He is now with the Institute for Information Industry, Taipei, Taiwan since 2010. His research interests include wireless communications, 5G new radio and networking for the Internet of Things applications, including massive MTC (mMTC) and ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC). Dr. Ma is a senior member of IEEE.

演 講 者:周泓廷 博士
國家中山科學研究院 電子系統研究所 工程師



Nowadays, the development in the era of monolithic millimeter-wave (MMW) integrated circuits and system-on-chips (SoCs) has rapidly fascinated with several innovative techniques and emerging applications such as high-speed data communication links, remote sensing, satellite communication, automotive radar system, and military defense system, etc. Hence, the short talk will mention that both advancement and solutions for realization of the producible MMW SoC with various MMIC technologies in the past few years. The ubiquitous MMIC technology enables obvious potential for low-cost, high-performance, fully-integration, highly reliable design, and miniaturized size. All of them, a brief conclusion and recent work will be given in this session. Finally, this talk also extends some trends in analog design for current status and future prospect of ADC in the end.

Hung-Ting, Chou was born in 1985 who received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from NCU, in 2013. Since the M.S. and Ph.D. periods, he began to investigate the designs of RFICs and MMW RF TRX front-end integrated circuits. The research direction tends to high performance under ultra-low voltage low-power operations. From 2013 to 2016, he served as postdoc in MediaTek-NTU research center, and his researches focused on MMW massive MIMO TRX front-end SoC integration for 5G system. He also experienced as a short-term exchange visiting scholar to visit UCLA in 2017. During a period of he stayed at UCLA, the mutual collaboration aimed at innovative techniques of RF CMOS SoC design including several projects of TX/RX front-ends and the signal generator. Currently, he works at an electronic engineer of NCSIST, the personal research objective tends towards MMICs and MMW RF front-end integrations. The scope involves low-power high-integration phase-array TRX/SX front-end SoCs.

演 講 者:張閔期 (Nicholas Chang) 博士

演講主題:5G天線陣列設計模擬與多重物理分析 Diagnosis

演講時間:2020年1月16日 11:00~11:20(6F演講廳)


思渤科技為台灣 ANSYS軟體代理商,提供完整的 ANSYS 軟體銷售與技術支援服務。因應 5G時代,最新ANSYS 天線設計方案 ( HFSS / SBR+ / EMIT ),透過整合ANSYS的熱、結構及流體力學工具,提供電子元件完整的多物理場分析。其模擬結果可貼近現實環境中的系統與元件整合實境,解決工程師所面臨天線設計上的技術難題,達成減少研發時間並縮短產品上市時程的最終目的。HFSS同時擁有強大的自動化自我調整網格加密功能,並藉由HPC加速技術獲得一流標準的精確度,搭配新的陣列模擬技術可提供全方位的解決方案。

國立暨南國際大學電機工程學系博士畢業,曾任權億科技股份有限公司研發二處天線工程師。專職於天線設計、天線陣列設計、大型天線開發等領域已逾十年。其研究專長除了天線外,還包含微波被動電路、數值電磁、電磁干擾及相容與最佳化演算法應用於電磁問題電磁分析等。現為思渤科技ANSYS產品應用工程師,主要針對高頻電磁分析軟體HFSS、SIwave與 Q3D等軟體之教學、天線與微波電路分析、高頻專案技術諮詢服務與軟體應用推廣等。

演 講 者:劉榮宗 (Richard Liu) 總經理
衛普科技股份有限公司 (Taiwan WavePro Inc.)


演講時間:2020年1月16日 11:20~11:40(6F演講廳)

CATR已經是被接受為現今5G FR1 (450 MHz – 6000 MHz) ,FR2 (24250 MHz – 52600 MHz) 之主流測試場,包括WiFi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax 標準) 亦是。衛普科技劉榮宗總經理將介紹產出一個高精準的CATR需注意到的因子。

衛普科技總經理劉榮宗先生服務於臺灣微波界30年,於1993年成立台灣第一家微波測試系統整合公司「衛普科技」,致力於提供微波、雷達及天線測試設備之建置及研發,領域涵蓋學術界、通訊界、太空、天文及軍用科技。於2010年研發出mmWave CATR,因應雷達測試需求,早期便投入5G測試應用,目前衛普科技為世界CATR知名供應商之一。

演 講 者:陳振華
Rohde & Schwarz, 台灣羅德史瓦茲有限公司資深應用工程師

演講主題:5G mmWave OTA量測方案

演講時間:2020年1月16日 11:40~12:00(6F演講廳)

羅德史瓦茲為5G OTA 測試的不同情境提供了廣泛的測量方案組合。羅德史瓦茲使用不同的測量暗室,定位器和軟體,輔助天線工程師與系統工程師開發最新的5G mmWave和其他數位標準的天線與前端電路。快速測量的天線測試系統可以提供全3D 天線場型,使天線和其元件的開發以及系統一致性驗證更快,更高效。


演 講 者:李貿勳 工程師
耀登科技股份有限公司 儀器銷售部

演講主題:5G毫米波(up to 100 GHz)模擬解決方案​

演講時間:2020年1月16日 14:40~15:00(6F演講廳)


耀登科技股份有限公司有限公司 儀器銷售部
模擬軟體應用: MRI線圈、天線、植入物安全
電話: +886-3-3631901 ext. 138
E-mail: leslie.li@auden.com.tw
網址: http://www.auden.com.tw/Auden/tw/


演 講 者:程昭團 專案副理
Anritsu 安立知股份有限公司 業務暨技術支援部

演講主題:Ultra-broadband mmWave VNA (70kHz ~ 220 GHz) ME7838G and SPA (9kHz ~170 GHz) MS2760A solution

演講時間:2020年1月16日 14:20~14:40(6F演講廳)

當5G與AI持續普及的腳步接近,無線通訊與感知器所使用的波長也進入了毫米波(≦10 mm)的等級,為了滿足晶片設計/電路模型前期對毫米波元件的寬頻頻率響應特性量測,Anritsu 安立知推出了業界目前量測頻寬最廣(one sweep from 70 kHz to 220 GHz)的網路分析儀(VNA) ,搭配探針直聯的架構來解決晶圓級(wafer-level)的RF量測需求;而由相同的Anritsu NLTL專利開發出的MS2760A系列頻譜,可以提供極廣域連續頻段(9 kHz ~ 170 GHz)的頻譜監測,手持式單機型的MS2760A一台就能由5G FR2 mmWave band (28 GHz)一路量測到5G backhaul/X-Haul的D-band範圍(130~170 GHz)。